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How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photo Session

You've already done the hard work of preparing for your newborn photos -- you created, carried, and brought into the world a beautiful baby. What more can your photographer possibly ask of you?

A few more things, as it turns out.


The first thing actually happens well before your baby is born. Any newborn photographer worth their salt can create beautiful newborn photos at a moment's notice. And they can do it with a newborn of any age. This sweet little man was in my studio only 2 days after his mama called me.

Amazing Newborn Picture with a tiny baby bed with blueberries in Overland Park studio
Last Minute Newborn Picture!

That said, the earlier you book with me, the better! I specialize in creating themed sets that are unique to you and your family. The more time I have, the more I can think of create ways to incorporate your career, your favorite hobby, or the nursery theme into a beautiful picture with your newborn. It also takes time to find the perfect props.

For example, one mama who booked with me was a teacher. I feel so strongly that teachers are some of the most important people our children's lives. So I couldn't resist doing a school themed shoot for her. But, I can't walk into the Overland Park Walmart to find a student's desk perfectly sized for a newborn.

Newborn baby sitting at a tiny desk reading a book by Overland Park's best newborn photographer
Mama's Best New Student


"Wait a minute!" you say. "I thought you were going to provide everything needed for my new baby to wear?" Fear not! I absolutely will supply everything needed for your little one during their session. I have an extensive collection of wraps and outfits in my studio. I'm talking about your clothes.

The newborn photo session is mostly about your new precious baby. But don't forget that you're a family now and you're the most important people in the world to each other. You'll want to remember these first moments, the good and the bad. So, I recommend all parents pop in front of my camera for at least one picture with their new baby.

I totally understand that the postpartum time is really hard. Finding time and motivation to even brush your hair is hard. Let alone getting all dressed up. Rest assured, you don't need to get all dressed up. I know you're probably still puffy and none of your clothes fit right. For my new parents pictures, I frame most of my pictures as only busts. So no need to bust out your heels or fancy pants.

Look at this new family. You can FEEL how excited they are to be starting their new journey with this little boy. They're beautiful and special. And you can't even see what they're wearing!

I also have a great collection of maternity gowns available for your newborn pictures too. The generously loose nature of the maternity dresses are very kind on recently postpartum bodies.

One final note on clothes. I keep my studio warm. Your newborn spent the lats 9 months in your very warm belly and our colder atmosphere can be a bit of a shock for them. So whether the rest of Overland Park is wearing shorts or sweaters, I recommend layers when you come to my studio!


My favorite newborn sessions are the ones where the baby just can't wake up! The sleepier your baby is the more variety I am able to get into your gorgeous photo gallery.

To that end, I recommend you do play a little extra with your baby in the few hours before your session. Take her outside to feel the breeze on her skin. Dance around to music with him. And, definitely, give him a bath!

Bath time is often the most alert time of baby's day. It also doubles to de-grease and fluff up their little newborn hair. That way they'll be ready for their close ups! Look at this sweetheart's full head of hair.

Beautiful newborn girl with long black hair in best Overland Park newborn photography studio
Look at her full head of hair!


This step is simple and easy. Bring a binky.

I know, I know, binky's are not recommended for brand new babies. It could interfere with baby learning a proper latch. I totally understand and I followed this rule with my own little ones! But your baby won't forget everything they've learned about latching if they use a binky for 3 hours while you get some amazing pictures your newborn.

I will 100% respect any parent who tells me they're simply not comfortable with introducing a binky during the session. Nobody knows what's right for their baby except the parents. This is just my recommendation to get the most out of your newborn photo session!

Some of my favorite pictures are taken right after a binky is pulled out. This was captured a split second after my assistant pulled his binky out!

Great newborn picture in Overland Park of a baby pilot on her wooden airplane
Even A Pilot Takes a Binky

And that's it. That's all you need to do. You can leave the rest up to me!

People all across the Kansas City metro area come to my studio because they know that I'll make it easy to get amazing newborn photos. I've had beautiful and handsome babies from as near as Overland Park and Lenexa. Others have come from as far as Liberty and downtown Kansas City.


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