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Dancer and Ballet Sessions


Your dancer has worked so hard to master her skills.  Show her how proud of her you are by capturing her in action at our dance photo sessions.  We have several beautiful flowing skirts and pancake tutus to make her even more picture perfect.


When are the dancer sessions?  

These limited edition sessions are available only on June 23rd, 2023.  Get your spot now!


What does it cost?  

Your 25 minute session costs $340 and includes 5 digital images.

What if I want more images?

You will receive an online selection gallery with 8-15 images for you to choose from.  You may choose the 5 images that are included with your package or upgrade to one of these options:

10 total images (5 additional + the 5 included in your package) - $100

15 total images (10 additional + the 5 included in your package) - $160


Tell Me More!  

These sessions are open to dancers of any age, gender, and skill level!  The chiffon skirts will fit most children between ages 5 - 14.  The pancake tutus will fit sizes 3T-10.

You are also welcome to bring your own dance outfits of your own for the session.  We will have time for 2 outfits during the session.

We keep these sessions fun for kids.  We alternate between giving them posing direction and letting them choose the poses--feeling like they are a part of the decision making often makes children more cooperative.

With the 25 minute session time, we have plenty of time to try a great variety of poses, dance moves, and props.  It isn't a high pressure situation for your little dancer.  We keep it relaxed and fun.

When and how will I get my pictures?  

You will receive your digital images no later than July 17th via a digital selection gallery.

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