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Glitter and Glitz

All that glitters is gold!

These sessions are full of glamour and spontaneity.

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Family photography throwing glitter and laughing.  Fun indoor activiy for kids in Ovelad Park photo studio

All parents hate glitter with a fiery passion. But what if you could give your kids a glitter overdose without bringing a spec of it into your house?

I'm prepared to let your child loose in my studio with fistfuls of glitter and license to throw it.  And the delight on their faces will make the cleanup worth it! 


Seriously though, kids love glitter as much as you hate it.  These sessions are guaranteed to be fun and produce gorgeous pictures.

We're only offering 5 spots for these special sessions, get yours before they're gone!

We provide the dresses and the glitter.  You just bring us a kid ready to play.  Read on for the details of these very limited sessions!

GlitterSplashDigitalBackdrop-1-16x20 lighter gold.jpg

When Are The Glitter Sessions?  

 Only offered on Feb 18, 2024.  

Pricing Info?  

The full session fee is $210.  That price includes a 20 minute session and 3 digital images. 

What about siblings?

Siblings may all be included in one session.  However, for three or more children, you should consider 2 sessions to make sure we have time for pictures of each child individually and in groups.

When will I get my pictures?

You will receive a link to download your images no later than March 10th.

What if I want more images?

You will receive an online selection gallery with 6-10 images for you to choose from.  You may choose the 3 images that are included with your package or upgrade to one of these options:

6 total images (3 additional + the 3 included in your package) - $100

10 total images (7 additional + the 3 included in your package) - $160

Glitter Glams

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