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It's a bit of a shock when you realize that your toddler is no longer a toddler. It seems like over night they're talking to you almost like an adult and they're a small version of a real person.

As emergent little humans, your child is probably starting to develop their own sense of style and self.  Even better, they might even start to like having their picture taken!

Child sessions are some of my favorites (ok, fine, I say that about pretty much all the ages) because kids can really enjoy these sessions. When done right, kids feel like they're one of the creative designers of this session.  We do a lot of taking turns--they do a pose with their hands thrown triumphantly in the air, then they do one gently holding the flowers like I ask.  It keeps the session fun and ensures genuine smiles that don't look forced.

You want a simple backdrop and set so the focus will be completely on your sweet one's face?   We've got you covered with classy backdrops and simple props that will help keep your little one engaged and happy, but won't be distracting.  We have a wide variety of chairs, props, and wardrobe.

Themed photos more your style?  Bring it on!  We love themes.  Talk to me about your little one's favorite toy, their favorite food, or your favorite hobby.  We can incorporate it.

Love nature?  So do we.  We have an arsenal of great places around Kansas City to take your little one.

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