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Candy Land Smash Cake

Some of the most exciting moments you have as a parent are when you pass along traditions from your own childhood. Someday your kid will be old enough to realize the things that were cool when you were a child are not cool today. But their first birthday is not that day!

Your child's first birthday is the perfect opportunity to bring the magic of your childhood to your child. Candyland was invented in 1949, but it was still one of the most popular children's board games in the 90's. For this smash cake session, I tried to create the same whimsical and delicious feeling as the classic board game.

Candy Land Smash Cake

First Birthday Photography with Cupcakes and Treats

Sugar, gumdrops, wrapped candy, and smash cake

The gumdrops are made from flower planter buckets, Epsom salt, and paint! In fact, they're made with coconut Epsom salt and they smell delicious.

The birthday girl's big sister decided she wanted to be Queen Frostine. After Elizabeth had eaten all the cake she wanted, her older sister came in for the real cake smash.

Older kids getting messy with cake smash

And after she had her fill of cake, she did some serious cake smashing. I've never seen a cake so thoroughly demolished.

Kid smashes cake with giant lolly pop

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