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Custom Sets Infused with Everything You Love

Let's Chat About Your Newborn Pictures

Every newborn who comes to my studio comes from a unique and awesome family.  So why wouldn't every newborn photo session be equally one-of-a-kind?  I believe that your newborn photos should merge all the things you've always loved with your newest little love.

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Every baby picture you see in my portfolio has a story.  As you scroll through, keep an eye out for Baby DJ, Tiny Princess, Crochet Loving Little One, Teacher's Pet, and The Little Mermaid.

I have a special questionnaire that helps me learn what makes you...YOU.   I'll ask about your hobbies, careers, passions, and lots other random things.  I'll dig into your responses, maybe follow up with questions, and then pick out some themes that will be both meaningful to your family and photogenic.  


Even though my studio is literally overflowing with props, I don't have the perfect prop to pull together every theme under the sun.  That won't stop us!  I buy something new and perfect for every baby who visits my studio--it's included in your session fee.

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