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About Us


Hi, I'm Manda.  I'm a photographer, mechanical engineer, and mommy.  Those three things come together to make your ultimate newborn and children's photographer! 

  • The engineer in me has an in-depth understanding of the camera and lighting gear--and how to best use them together to create something both flattering and breathtaking.

  • The photographer in me recognizes how everything in the set needs to come together to blend into a cohesive and pleasing image.  That includes choosing all the right props for a session and how to pose babies in the set.

  • The mommy in me understands what makes babies and children happy!  And what their limitations are.  I make sure we take regular breaks in our sessions for babies to eat and for kids to recharge.  I know that pushing too hard to get a shot will be the most sure fire way to NOT get the shot with a child.

I loved capturing the early moments in life--the sweet sleepiness of newborns and the unbridled delight of toddlers.  What keeps me coming back week after week is my passion for creating fine art scenes to for each of my little models.  I keep waiting for the excitement to wear off, but it never does. I love all things elaborate, decadent, and over the top.  


Every new baby that goes on my calendar causes my brain to start swirling with ideas for their shoot.  I fall asleep, wake up, and shower every day dreaming up the 20 ways to make each session perfect.  Sometimes I dream of classically beautiful scenes, filled with flowers and lace.  Sometimes I dream of elaborate life-like scenes, putting the model into a themed world designed to touch hearts.


Hi, I'm Julie.  I'm a Child and Family Counselor and Baby Whisperer.  Manda is one of my 3 grown children.  My love for children extends beyond my work and my own family, I've fostered children of all ages when they needed a home.

During newborn sessions, I snuggle, sooth, and pose your baby to keep her sleeping.  During toddler sessions, I jump, squeal and dance to get genuine smiles and laughs.  I love kids and they love me!

The Studio

Our home studio is full service.  We've got it all. 

  • Wraps?  About a million. 

  • Hair bows? 10 in every color.

  • Props? Benches, baskets, bowls, chairs, themed props in hundreds of themes, boats, baby beds...

  • Flowers?  We have a whole set of shelves dedicated to our flower collection

  • Client Wardrobe?  We have a maternity gown collection for our pregnant mamas.  We also have select outfits for babies and kids up to size 5.

  • Backdrops?  Tons.  Solid colors, patterns, and fun themes.


We're more than just props though.  We also have state  of the art equipment.  We use top of the line camera, lenses, and lighting gear.

All the props in the world aren't worth much if you don't have the right lighting or camera to capture them.  And we do.

And last, but not least, we have an industrial heater to keep the studio extra warm for babies.

Oveland Park Newborn Photography Studio Picture

We also want you to feel comfortable during our session.  So we have a rocking chair and couch for you to relax on while we go to work!

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