Limited Edition Wild Flower Sessions

The date for the next Wild Flower Sessions is TBD.  Shoot me an email to be on the list and I'll send you an email when they open for booking.

The wildflower fields are finally in bloom and they don't last long!  With the crazy weather we get in Kansas, these sessions can't be planned in advance.  We've got to roll with Mother Nature's plans and act fast when the flowers arrive.  So these limited edition sessions are offered only one day - July 28th 2020!


Only offered on July 28th.  Get your spot now!

What does it cost?  

Your 25 minute mini session costs $220 and includes 3 digital images and a custom painted portrait on a 16"x20" canvas.

What do you mean by painted portrait?  

Great question.  What I mean is I'll take your favorite picture from the session and digitally paint it to look like an impressionist oil painting.  You'll receive a 16"x20" canvas to put on your wall.  It's a timeless work of art that you'll treasure seeing every day.  And just so we're clear, this is nothing like a "filter" or computer applied stylization.  Everything you see here is a hand painted stroke of my brush (stylus).  It's truly a custom painted portrait of your child.

Check out this blog to see more details on how I create the paintings.  Here's an example of a canvas that I ordered for my own wall and a close up of what the painted details look like.


Tell Me More!  

The session will be short and sweet.  At about 25 minutes, they have time to get comfortable and ready to smile, but not get tired of being out there.  These mini sessions are only being offered on July 28th and there are only 5 spots!  


For little girls, check out our gorgeous collection of gowns and lacy dresses available for these sessions.  Here are just a small selection of our newest gowns:

When and how will I get my pictures?  

You will receive a link to download your 5 images 2-3 weeks from the date of your session.

Can I See A Few More Pictures?  

I thought you'd never ask.