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Flower Fields Forever

While your little one is busy growing and changing, it's important to remember to stop and smell the flowers.

These flower field sessions are gorgeous and simple at the same time.  The flower field provides a stunning setting for your child without distracting from their perfection.

When are the Flower Field Sessions?  

These petite sessions are offered only on May 21st, 2023. 

A full flower field session may be scheduled any time, email me to set one up!

Where are the Flower Field Sessions?  

These sessions take place in my studio.  This is great because we won't be slave to the whims of Kansas' weather or erratic blooming schedule.

What does it cost?  

The full session fee is $250.  That includes a 20 minute photo session and 5 digital images.

What if I want more images?

You will receive an online selection gallery with 8-15 images for you to choose from.  You may choose the 5 images that are included with your package or upgrade to one of these options:

10 total images (5 additional + the 5 included in your package) - $100

15 total images (10 additional + the 5 included in your package) - $160

Look at all the gowns you can choose from!  

We have a ridiculously extensive collection of dresses in our studio.  They span all the colors and styles you can imagine! 

A few of my favorites are shown here, but you absolutely must go look through our full collection of gowns and lacy dresses available for these sessions.  

When and how will I get my pictures?  

You will receive a link to download your images by no later than June 11th.

Can I See A Few More Pictures?  

I thought you'd never ask.