The Big Closet You Always Wished You Had

Our closet is your closet.  We have a huge variety styles, colors, and sizes!  No need to buy clothes you'll only use once at your photo session.  Click on each picture to see the size of each item.  


Whether you have a princess, a ballerina, or a spunky little girl, our client closet has you covered.  Check out all the options we have available for your session!  Click or hover over the picture to see a size and description.



Check out these options for your handsome young man.  We're still growing this collection!


Maternity Gown Collection

Your maternity photo session includes access to my ever growing collection of maternity gowns!  I keep these dresses for you to use so that your photos will be extra special.  You may wear up to 3-4 gowns if you don't mind changing often!