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Behind the Scenes of Newborn Photography Safety

It doesn't seem like there should be a lot to talk about when it comes to newborn safety during a photography session does there? We all agree not to drop the baby and that ought to cover us?

Not quite.

The Froggy Pose

One of the most popular newborn photography poses on Pinterest is called the "Froggy Pose". Here's an example of the sweet little froggy. It's a great example of how newborn bodies are so flexible and moldable in their first days.

Newborn baby on a brown bumped posing blanket in Overland Park photography studio

Wait a minute, you say, newborns can't hold up their own heads!! Right you are.

There are photographers out there who get baby's head very carefully lined up on her hands and then let go long enough to grab a quick snapshot. But that's only because they aren't aware of how this pose is supposed to be done safely.

This is what we like to call Photoshop trickery. Here's another example of this lovely pose:

Newborn photography with the froggy pose and a big tutu in Leawood

But here's the thing, my assistant never actually let go of her head at any time! Here's completely unedited copy the picture I actually took that day:

After that, my assistant changed to holding the babies head from underneath her chin so that I had a clean view of the top of baby girl's head. Armed with those two not-very-pretty-images, into photoshop I go. I stitch together the portion of each picture that doesn't have my assistants hand in it to make the complete and beautiful image you see above.

Does this take a lot of time and patience? Yes.

Do we need to be very careful not to move your baby's head, fingers, toes or my camera between those shots? Yes.

Does this ensure nothing can happen to your baby while we take his pictures? YES!

Props and Babies at Heights

Props and babies are the heart and soul of my photography. Having one without the other is like having bread with no butter. Meat with no potatoes. Peanut butter with no jelly. You get where I'm going.

That doesn't mean that all props are inherently safe to toss a newborn baby in. We work hard to make sure your baby is 100% safe from falls all the time.

See this adorable bicycle prop with the adorable twin girls riding it?

Twin baby girls riding a bicycle built for two by best Overland Park photographer

Of course it would not be safe to just poke two babies into these baskets and hope for the best. More photography photoshop magic is in order. This pictures is actually a composite of 4 separate images! Again, my assistant's hand was holding baby at all times.

Amazing Newborn Photography with bicycle prop

Babies Like it Hot!

After spending the first nine months of their lives in 98.1 deg weather, this cold world can be a harsh reality for these little ones. That's why the best newborn photographers keep their studio's very warm. Babies can't regulate their temperatures very well, so I keep my studio between 76-78 deg F during my newborn photography sessions.

No Means No!

Sometimes newborn photography is about listening to what the little model has to say. And sometimes what they're saying is "I am not comfortable in this pose." Most of the time when a little one fusses all they need is a snuggle, a rocking, or a snack. But when none of our tricks work, it's important to know when enough is enough. A newborn may not be able to use words, but they can still absolutely tell us when a certain pose is not right for them!

Which is why sometimes being the best newborn photographer I can be means letting the baby take the lead.

Need a safe place to have your newborn photos taken in the Overland Park, Lenexa, or Olathe area? Email to book your session now!


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