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Toddlers and Crawlers

Innocence and sweetness are my favorite things about babies and toddlers.  In between the tears and tantrums, they show us their beautiful souls and we forget why we were pulling our hair out mere minutes ago.

Babies change so fast.  As parents, we often oscillate wildly between excitement as they move past the next milestone and wanting to freeze them in place so they never change.  We can't stop your baby from growing, but we can give you something to hold onto as they grow.

Your baby and toddler session is completely customized to you and your style. 

You want a simple backdrop and set so the focus will be completely on your sweet one's face?   We've got you covered with classy backdrops and simple props that will help keep your little one engaged and happy, but won't be distracting.  We have a wide variety of chairs, crates, and bowls to encourage kids of all ages to sit still just long enough.

Themed photos more your style?  Bring it on!  We love themes.  Talk to me about your little one's favorite toy, their favorite food, or your favorite hobby.  We can incorporate it.

Love nature?  So do we.  We have an arsenal of great places around Kansas City to take your little one.

Baby and Toddler sessions happen at their pace.  Sometimes they need a break, so we'll take one.  Sometimes the prop we wanted to sit them in makes them furious, we'll improvise to find something they like.  Getting amazing child pictures is all about rolling with the punches they send our way.

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