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Newborn Pricing


3 hr session

10 digital images

After your baby is born, you'll always be busy doing something--changing a diaper, feeding, soothing, rinse and repeat.  Your newborn photography session will be a welcome break in the chaos for you to relax and let us do all the work.  During your session we'll design custom set ups for your and your baby.  All you have to do is sit, relax, and watch the magic happen (or take a nap on our couch).

Parents and siblings are welcome to be included

In order to get the type of pictures you see on my newborn section of my site, it's best to do your newborn photo session while your bundle of joy is still very young.  Please plan to do a newborn session between 6 - 15 days after they're born.  Babies are precious at all ages, but the traditional newborn photos are best achieved when babies are still young and sleepy.  Your session will last about 3 hours to give plenty of time for feeding and soothing.

See the More Information tab for what to expect for at your newborn photography session and some tips and tricks for how to have a successful session.

Milestone and Children's Session Pricing


60-90 minute session

10 digital images

Your baby or toddler session is the time to showcase your little one's personality.  We'll work together before your session to design a scene to match your style or theme.  Get creative!  Or ask me to!  During these sessions, we'll take our time letting your little one get comfortable with me and my camera...then we'll do whatever silly thing it takes to get those smiles!  

Babies are adorable at every age and I love to watch them grow.

4 months:  Tummy time!  These pictures are great for seeing their new smiles close up.

6 months: Your peanut can finally sit up. This is a great age for pictures with favorite stuffed animals and getting messy with baby food.

1 year: This is the biggest milestone!  Your little one is just starting to walk and show a big personality.

2 years and on: Bring your little one's favorite toys and we'll capture them at play.  We can have a tea party or drive trucks.

This session is for anyone over 3 months


Cake Smashes!


1-2 hr session

Cake and Outfit Provided

10 digital images

Who doesn't want to watch a little one tear into a giant cake?

This first year milestone session is super fun!  Babies at this age are on the move, whether it's crawling or walking, sitting still for a picture isn't usually on their agenda.  Giving them a big birthday cake is a great way to convince them to sit still and and even bigger reason to smile!

Pick a theme!  Get creative--or ask me to get creative for you!  A theme can be from your most cherished childhood book, your little one's favorite animal, your favorite colors, or your decorating style.

Your session includes all the props to match your theme, a custom made cake, an outfit from my client wardrobe, and a clean up bubble bath.  The bubble is often the kiddos favorite part and where were get the biggest smiles.

Maternity Pricing


1-2 hr session

10 digital images

The last trimester of pregnancy is like the calm before the storm--capture all your serene pregnancy glow with a maternity session.  I recommend scheduling your maternity session between 30-34 weeks.  For most women this is when you'll be very obviously and beautifully pregnant, but before you're too uncomfortable. 

For mamas-to-be with older children, this can be a great opportunity to get some pictures of your little ones taking interest in your baby bump.  For first time mamas, we can capture you looking like beautiful mother earth.  These sessions can be in studio or outdoors, depending on your style.

You can use as many maternity gowns from our collection or your own outfits as you'd like.

Painted Portrait


A classical painted portrait is available only as an add on to another portrait session.  These are a perfect way to get a traditional fine art style painting for your walls with your own family as the subject.

Package Discounts

First Year Package


($125 Discount)

This package is the ultimate way to make sure you document all the stages of your little one's first year milestones.  It includes these key sessions:


6 months

Smash Cake

Belly to Baby



($100 Discount)

This package includes everything included in both the maternity and newborn sessions detailed above.  I offer clients a special bundle discount for booking both sessions at the same time!  In addition to the discount, doing both sessions allows us to get the fun before and after pictures you've seen on Pinterest.

Why These Prices?

($75 Discount)

Why These Prices?


Some people ask about why my prices are what they are.  As with most things there are many costs, time costs and monetary costs, that aren't obvious to someone looking in from the outside. 


For example, I spend 3 hours actually with your new baby at our session.  But you may not realize that I've spent 4-6 hours preparing for your arrival: choosing themes and designing your sets, ordering the perfect props, choosing swaddle colors, bonnets, etc to match your vision for your photos.  Then I spend 1-2  cleaning my studio and washing whatever fabrics we used after your session.  Finally, I have 10-12 hours of editing your pictures before they're ready for delivery.    To see some before/after editing examples, visit my blog.  The post-shoot editing is what brings your pictures to life.  All in all, each sweet newborn I work with gets about 20 hours of my time!  


I also use only the top professional quality cameras, lenses, and lighting. And I am always buying new props to deliver perfect and unique pictures to all of my clients.

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