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It's Raining Skittles!


These Skittle Sessions are simple--a child and skittles. 


Lots of skittles. 


A ridiculous number of skittles.

And it's a formula for success. Kids literally can't help smiling and laughing when they're surrounded by thousands of flying candies.

So we let them play and we capture that real unbridled joy.  And we sneak in a few adorable posing prompts when they aren't paying attention.

The results speak for themselves. You'll have the cutest and most creative pictures your friends and family have ever seen!

And your child will actually thank you for taking them to a photo session.

When will the studio be filled with Skittles?  

 Only offered on April 16, 2023.  


Pricing Info?  

The full session fee is $340.  That price includes a 20 minute session and 5 digital images. 

What if I want more images?

You will receive an online selection gallery with 8-15 images for you to choose from.  You may choose the 5 images that are included with your package or upgrade to one of these options:

10 total images (5 additional + the 5 included in your package) - $100

15 total images (10 additional + the 5 included in your package) - $160

When will I get my pictures?

You will receive a link to download your images no later than May 1st.

What about siblings?

Siblings may all be included in one session.  However, for three or more children, you should consider 2 sessions to make sure we have time for pictures of each child individually and in groups.

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