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Babies Named After Colors are Too Easy

Sometimes I spend a long time waiting for inspiration to strike me for an upcoming newborn photography shoot. But sometimes, parents are so obliging as to name their sweet baby after a color.

Enter baby Violet.

As soon as I found out her name, I headed straight to the hobby lobby and bought out their violet flowers section. Swaddled in purple, resting on light purple fur, and resting in a test woven with violet flowers, baby Violet was at home.

Violet was such a great sleeper, I put her down for a nap on a bed just her size. She looked like a newborn fairy tale princess in an enchanted sleep.

Violet even brought a purple swim suit to wear to the beach. Her parent's asked for nautical themed pictures, so we made her a little beach holiday. Real sand and a beach umbrella made the newborn beach photo shoot complete.

When we finally had enough violet for Violet, we moved on to one more of mom and dad's favorite pastimes: golf! Here's to Violet being starting to learn golfing from her first days.

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