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Dogs and babies - Fur babies meet their new pets

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Who knows. What came first, your the fur baby or your little bundle of joy? Introducing your new baby to your dog is an exciting (and sometimes nerve wracking) moment. Your dog will someday be your baby's best friend and you're hoping they'll get along right away.

Sometimes it works out better than you could have hoped.

Newborn Family Picture with two Dogs

Other times, your puppy has a mind of his own. This sweet puppy wasn't so sure the new baby being a safe addition to the family...but she eventually came around when she realized the baby couldn't move of his own volition.

Dog sticking his tongue out with newborn

All dogs know the only way to introduce themselves is to do a thorough sniffing. This dog gave her baby a stamp of approval.

A baby's best friend newborn picture with Leawood's best newborn photographer

She decided that the baby was family and she'd keep him safe from the dangers of the world.

This dog promised to brave the winter to be with her new baby. But she won't be cold.

Newborn Photography with a dog in Overland Park photo studio

This dog and baby pair were pleased to meet each other. Their friendship will start early and last long.

Dog and Baby Smile at Each other at Overland park newborn photo studio

Too all you dog owners getting ready to have a baby, good luck! I love watching my own little girls learn to love our dog, I hope your family comes together into a single unit too!

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