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Babies of the Sea: Beach and Boat themed newborn photography

All babies love the soothing sounds of the ocean, so what's more fitting as a theme for a newborn photoshoot?

I had two new parents request a beach theme in the same week, so what could I do but head the hardware store and buy some sand? One wooden frame and 40 lbs of playground quality sand later, my studio started to feel like a beach.

This little man was worried about getting sunburned, so we kept him swaddled up for a while. He had a great beach nap.

Affordable Newborn Photography in Leawood

He did wake up for a white to show off his swim suit.

My second beach bum was proud to show off her new bathing suit.

Newborn photography in Overland Park

After we got tired of lounging on the beach, we decided to go sailing.

Both of these sweet babies went home to their beach themed nurseries feeling like confident little sailors.

I love themed baby shoots, these sweet babies were both so much fun. And I'm in love with the smiles happening in this boat. Thanks to the parents for accidentally picking the same theme on the same week!

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