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A Little Princess and her Pea Newborn Photoshoot

This princess of a baby came to my studio at 8 days old. Her mom is a lover of all things Disney and princesses. So naturally, a princess themed newborn shoot was in order. First, we made Lily into her momma's favorite princess from Beauty and the Beast. We swaddled up in Belle yellow and gave her a red rose.

Beauty and the Beast Newborn Phot

Next up on our princess tour was the Princess and the Pea. Luckily, my friends and family showed us with handmade quilts and blankets when my two daughters were born, so I was well equipped to create a suitable mattress pile for this fairy tale princess.

Princess and the Pea Fairy Tale Photo Prop

Finally, we moved onto the baby version of Sleeping Beauty. To set the scene, we put Lily on a swing swathed moss, snowy white fur, and pink draping flowers. Poor Lily was exhausted and obliged me with the sweetest baby yawn.

This is what I love about being a newborn photographer. I get to take something important to the baby's parents and create a special scene to transform their newest family member into that special something. I'm a bit of a prop addict. The Overland Park Hobby Lobby knows me well--I love the challenge of finding exactly the right bits and bobs to turn into the perfect newborn photo prop.

Bring me your favorite hobby or favorite character and together we'll turn it into a beautiful newborn photo session.

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