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Breakfast of Champions Photoshoot in Lenexa

Show me a kid that doesn't love pancakes. Now imagine their delight if they were put in front of a giant stack of giant blueberry pancakes. Just kidding, you don't have to imagine it. I did it and I took lots of pictures!

Baby with Giant Stack of Blueberry Pancakes

Kid eating a stack of huge pancakes

I can't help it, I love kids with food. Babies and toddlers get excited about food in a way that adults have long grown out of. That unbridled joy makes food photo sessions some of my very favorites.

Smash cake pictures are so fun, but they're only the tip of the photography iceberg. I've done pictures of smash cake, pancakes, spaghetti (blog forthcoming), Cheerios, and goldfish. I need more ideas for creative food and kids photo shoots! Give me ideas in the comments!

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