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A Delicate Cake Smash Photo Session in Overland Park, KS

What's more precious than a smile on a baby's face? A smile on on their face while they try to coordinate shoving cake into their mouth!

The increasingly popular trend for memorializing a child's first birthday by giving them a whole cake is a photographer's dream. Giving a child a cake is a great way to almost guarantee a happy model during the photo shoot.

Teal, purple, and gold cake smash photography

The theme for this cake smash was teal, purple, and gold. Nearly 50 paper fans in the themed colors were hung to make this glorious background.

One year old cake smash photography in Lenexa, KS

While some kids dive face first into their own personal birthday cake, this sweet little girl took a more delicate approach. She kept dipping her finger delicately in the frosting and then cleaning it thoroughly before going back for another taste.

Eventually, we decided to give her a helping hand and smeared a bit on her face for her!

Milestone Photography - 1 year old cake smash

Then she started to get the hang of a cake smash, eventually getting so excited that she lost her headband. She also enjoyed using a spoon to help her get frosting more efficiently to her mouth.

Children's Photographer in Overland Park purple tutu cake smash

For any of my readers with a kid's birthday coming up, don't feel limited to 1st birthdays or a cake smash. Think outside the box! I've done shoots will all kinds of food, cheerios, pancakes, and more. Whatever your kid's favorite food is, we can probably make it into an adorable 1st birthday photo shoot.

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