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Baby and Toddler Siblings Photography Session in Lenexa

Cora and Dean were 2 years and 2 months respectively when I photographed them.

Cora was the most polite little toddler ever, and so patient. But she did have a penchant for only wanting to sit on the photo props when we put her baby brother on them. The old "grass is greener" issue. Fortunately, once we figured this out we had a winning strategy to keep her happy and in the photo sets. Plus, I brought out my bubble machine and she was completely enchanted.

Sometimes 2 months old can be an awkward time for baby pictures. Babies aren't holding their heads up or sitting up, but they aren't sleepy like newborns either. So before the session I had picked out several photography props I thought would be perfect--baskets that he could be propped up into a very supported sitting position for example. Then I met Dean! And I threw all my plans out the window because he perfectly exemplified the phrase "sleeps like a baby". So instead, I pulled out all my newborn photo props and he very patiently let us drag him from one to the next.

Dapper Baby Boy Picture with jaunty hat in barrel photo prop

Baby boy photography session in Overland Park

Hansom baby picture in vest on prop in Overland Park

And of course, the sibling pictures were too fun. Cora was a really good big sister. She held her brother in her lap and even let us lay Dean on her back! These two cuties have already booked a 6 month baby and family photography session with me this fall and I'm so looking forward to seeing how they plan when Dean is sitting up!

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