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Newborn Photography Session with Daddy's Helper

This little sweet baby boy came to my studio in Lenexa, Kansas at 8 days old. I love when parents are as passionate as I am about getting creative and painfully cute newborn pictures--and his mommy was. They made 3 trips to the car before they got everything lugged in my house!

She had perfect props for newborn photography: a striking navy blue cheesecloth, a crochet bear hat with matching miniature stuffed bear, a giant toolbox, lots of tools, beautiful dark wicker basket, and a sentimental handmade baby blanket!

He was a great baby and we even got a couple shots with his eyes open.

I learn something new every time I do a newborn photography session. This time, I learned that not all babies can be comfortable on their bellies. I've usually found that if you get a baby sound asleep, they'll go into the soundest sleep when laid gently on their stomach for pictures. Not this little. We had to change up which newborn pictures we were going to try for because he wasn't interested in participating in the ones we had planned.

But, sometimes the best baby pictures happen when you throw out your plans and let the baby lead the way.

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me be your newborn photographer!

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