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Photography as breathtaking as the children who inspire it. 

Welcome.  You've found the right place to find the perfect pictures for your baby (whether your baby is still in diapers or is too big to fit in your lap).

Here you'll find a photographer who is passionate about what you're passionate about. Every session is tailor made for every special client, no two are alike.


Every image is edited with care and attention to detail.

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The itsy bitsiest of babies.

Your baby is your new favorite thing, so she belongs in pictures where she's nestled amonst your other favorite things

Head over to my newborn photography page to see Baby Pilot, The Little Mermaid, Crochet Baby, Coffee Beans Baby, and lots of other beautiful babies! Then let your imagination run wild with ideas for your own sweet babe.

First Years Milestones

Your baby is changing so fast.  Don't miss a chance to capture them in every phase.

Prepare for a cuteness overload on my First Years Milestones page.


With babies and toddlers, it's all about bold colors, adorable cheeks, and sweet, youthful innocence.

And if you get tired of those, there's always sweet baby bums and toothless grins.


Cake Smashes

Turning one is a BIG deal

So give your child a BIG cake!

First birthdays are for celebrations and cake! Pick a theme and I'll bring it to life with the perfect props.


After your little has had their fill of cake, we'll clean up with a bubble bath.  In fact, the bubble bath is usually when I get the biggest smiles.


Look at the adorable cakes smash themes.


They're only young once.

Make the most of the magic of childhood.

Every single child is unique.  Even amongst siblings no two are alike.  When your kids are grown you'll want to remember all the things that made them...them.  

Capture all sides of your beautiful child--the serious, the creative, and the wild.  Your children will shine out of these photographs.



Your life is about to become a blur.  Freeze this moment in time before your family changes forever.

You've been watching for months as your beautiful baby bump has grown. 


Borrow a gorgeous gown from our maternity gown collection and we'll make sure you're a glowing mama-to-be in your maternity pictures.

I have two goals for every baby and child I see through my camera lens.

1.   Make them comfortable.  Whether that be your kiddo's favorite song or a really snuggly swaddle for your newborn.  Nobody ever got a swoon worthy picture during a rushed photo session with an uncomfortable or nervous model.


2.  Take your already adorable baby and transport them somewhere magical and special to your family.  For the time we're together, your passions are mine and they'll shine out of every image.  Every session is custom designed for your family no one will have any quite like yours.

Itsy Bitsy Images is a newborn, baby, children's and family photography studio in Overland Park, KS.  I offer newborn photography, first year baby photography, children's photography and maternity photography sessions.  Tell me what you love, what makes your family special, I'll design a scene that will touch your heart.


I serve the Leawood, Lenexa, Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee Mission, Lee's Summit, and Kansas City areas.

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